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paperman : departure 19 . 1

paperman : departure 19 . 1 by newmedia iPhone artist Mark Sedgwick

paperman : but one wish

you have but one wish.. make it now paperman " . original figurative ipad landscape


KAABA .. original figurative ipad landscape

Sputnik approaching the SCREEN

Sputnik approaching the SCREEN

all that you know

all that you know . original iphone abstract

P A P E R M A N – the lost tapes

P A P E R M A N - the lost tapes

Released to raise awareness of Expressive Aphasia

VASS : PM 18 . 9

VASS : PM 18 . 9 . original non-derived iphone abstract

the lab

the lab . original non-derived iphone abstract

blade : 18

the blade



the Map is Not the Territory

p is Not the Territory . original iphone abstract expression
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