the LAB : Ikonik TRON

2004 intro :

The rules are simple, you ride a lightcycle (a kind of motorbike that can only turn 90 degrees at a time, leaves a wall behind and cannot be stopped).

Avoid running into a wall. Make your opponent run into a wall. (Just in case you do not know: this idea is stolen from the Disney movie “Tron” from 1982 (did they steal the idea from someone else? I don’t know)

One thing is different than in other Tron-Clones: You can accelerate. Oh, not by pressing an acceleration button, that would not be new. You accelerate by driving close to walls (Only player walls count, the rim has no such effect.)

That allows some interesting tactics. (of course, the AI players are not smart enough for that..) Every time you make a turn, you loose 5% of your speed, so don’t be to nervous; speed is your only resource against other players!

Tested working on Windows XP . Vista . Windows 7 but should work fine on any PC running windows. just download the file and double-click to PLAY



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